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2017 Keynotes
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October 5th - 6th, 2017

Dover Downs

Dover, Delaware


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2017 Keynotes


  Merrick Rosenberg

Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader on Personality Styles

Take Flight Learning


Even though the DISC profile is one the most commonly used assessment tools in companies around the world, it regularly fails to produce a lasting impact. And while people are endlessly fascinated by their results, awareness does not often translate into sustained behavioral change.

Merrick Rosenberg, author of The Chameleon and CEO of Take Flight Learning, will reveal how to utilize the DISC styles to get results. Based on more than 25 years of experience with personality assessments, he shares his reimagined approach to this age-old model. In this highly interactive and engaging session, attendees will discover how DISC training can be reinvented to make it more engaging and sticky. By reframing the styles to shift from meaningless letters to visual symbols, you will learn how to place the styles into long-term memory rather than having them be just a fleeting fascination. Merrick will demonstrate that DISC is not about graphs and reports, but rather about application. You will learn how to use DISC to adapt to the people around you to build stronger relationships and get results. Merrick has combined his team building background of creating and leading experiential training programs for Team Builders Plus since 1991 with his experience in teaching the DISC model to more than 25,000 people over the past 25 years. The result is a revolutionary new way to approach teaching people about the personality styles.

In this session, you will: 

  • Learn why this is the perfect time to introduce or reintroduce DISC training in your organization 
  • Gain insight about how to turn classroom-based DISC training into a fun and engaging experience
  •  Discover why most DISC training is designed for short-term memory, not long-term retention and application
  •  Find out how to turn DISC training into a process not an event by reinforcing the learning throughout the year

Attendees will learn how to reimagine DISC training by:

  • Refocusing DISC training from awareness to results
  • Repackaging the styles to shift from empty letters to metaphoric symbols
  • Revitalizing training to involve the participants
  • Reallocating time from profiles and graphs to skills and application
  • Rebranding the message to shift from learning about letters to learning skills and applying principles

Overall, participants will learn what to look for when offering or designing DISC training to be delivered in their organization. This will allow the power of the DISC styles to be infused into their organizational culture. This session is designed for anyone who has a personality or knows someone who does! 


Jane Rosenzweig

Associate Experience COE Leader

W.L. Gore & Associates


HR and Cultural Evolution at WL Gore


The Gore culture is world-renowned for the very special work environment it creates and the stellar business results that stem from this environment. Jane joined Gore as their Global Diversity Champion in 2005 and began driving a process that has created a unique, relevant focus for Diversity at Gore: quite simply, that diversity and inclusion are critical ingredients for sustaining the Gore culture. Jane worked to help associates at W.L. Gore understand the dynamics of “difference”.  In building an enterprise-wide strategy for Diversity, Jane focused on creating more individual and team capability for using differences productively.  As of 2017, Jane is leading a newly created team at Gore: the Associate Experience Center of Expertise. This work of this team will focus on continuing to create continued high Associate Engagement by ensuring that HR efforts contribute to the unique work environment Gore has been known for. Prior to Gore, Jane spent 11 years at J.P. Morgan Chase. As part of the Corporate Diversity team, she had leadership responsibility for the employee engagement and the diversity communication strategy. Jane has a BA, Justice and an MS, Organization Development, both from American University in Washington, DC. She lives in Wilmington with her husband Michael Schmitt and 19 year old daughter, Maya Roche.

The session will provide an overview of WL Gore & Associates and how our unique culture has evolved over 60 years to position ourselves for future success. As part of this organizational evolution the session will focus on the role that HR has played in supporting this culture and how the HR function at WL Gore has had to evolve to appropriately have organizational impact. The session will go deeper into the change process HR has experienced, our current state and where we are heading. We will consider the challenges the function has made in making this change and aspects that have enabled the change. 

John Bates

Executive Speaking Success, LLC

 Speak Like a Leader: Earn Your Seat at the Table

Ask yourself: What is the one thing everyone in every company in every vertical in every country in the world does daily? It’s the same thing that is the most under-invested in skill at any and every company in the world: Communicating. Communicating with Human Beings is not Logical, it’s Bio-logical. But, when you know the biology underlying human communication you can make it logical again and be far more successful.


You will learn the scientific reason that you get what you put out and how to apply that knowledge to be a far more effective communicator

You will learn the biology underlying the saying: Communicating with human beings is not logical, it’s bio-logical and become far more persuasive in every situation involving human beings

You will learn some of the most important principles of creating and delivering compelling presentations so you can be sure the way you communicate your ideas is as powerful as your ideas themselves.

Set the direction, keep teams aligned, deepen commitment and lead as you know you can.



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