2020 Speaker Proposal and Selection Criteria
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If you are interested in speaking at an upcoming Delaware SHRM event or conference, review the speaker criteria before submitting your proposal. 

As a speaker at a Delaware SHRM event, we value your time and we want to ensure you have a great experience. This speaking opportunity will allow you to: 

  • Share the most advanced insights and strategy through established business methods.
  • Be a change leader by supplying the audience with the background, tools, and processes to lead organizations through change.
  • Connect with approximately 100 attendees during our quarterly events, or 300+ attendees at the Annual Conference in November. 
  • Network with thought leaders and vendors in the human resource industry.
  • Become a partner with the conference to expand your social media influence and share your speaking engagement through your website and other social media channels.

As a conference speaker, you are welcome to attend the full conference. Meals, snacks and receptions are included. Similar to attendees, speakers may also qualify for recertification credits, and have their sessions pre-validated through the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and/or the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI).



Practical Application with an Engaging Delivery: We want passionate, engaging consultants and practitioners that have developed practical, immediately applicable work tools. Our audiences tend to be interactive, so a speaker who is comfortable speaking with mid-sized to large groups is preferred. 

Clarity and Relevance of Presentation: We provide attendees the opportunity to earn HRCI and SHRM credits while attending our events. Session descriptions must effectively match the topic and session outline, and must be relevant to the current business needs of HR professionals. SHRM competencies will have an advantage.

Alignment to SHRM and HRCI Recertification Credits: Sessions that have previously been approved for recertification credits by SHRM and/or HRCI will have an advantage.



Events During 2021 Other Than the Annual Conference

Complete the Speaker Form and submit your completed proposal. The event program organizers will contact you if interested prior to the event date. 


Annual Conference - November 2021

Complete the Speaker Form and submit your completed proposal by March 31, 2021. Delaware SHRM will review proposals on a first-come, first-served basis. The conference program organizers will make final selections and acceptance notifications will be announced in May 2020.



Conference attendees are predominantly Human Resource professionals from a variety of industries and disciplines; from entry and intermediate-level experience to seasoned senior managers and directors, participants have a wide range of expertise in functional areas and organizational responsibilities. 

Attendees participate in the conference for several reasons: 

  • Network with other HR professionals.
  • Learn practical solutions to human capital and business issues.
  • Build skills in core SHRM competencies. 
  • Gain insight into future business and HR trends to development strategies. 
  • Earn continuing education credits towards their professional HR designation(s).

In order to be considered, each proposal must fall under one of the eight approved SHRM competency tracks:

Relationship Management
The knowledge, skills and abilities needed to create and maintain a network of professional contacts within and outside of the organization, to build and maintain relationships, to work as an effective member of a team, and to manage conflict while supporting the organization. This includes networking, teamwork, relationship building, conflict management and negotiation.

Sessions in this track could include: types of conflict, conflict resolution styles and techniques; negotiation tactics, strategies and styles, teamwork, networking, and relationship building.

Business Acumen
The skills, knowledge and ability needed to understand the organization’s operations, functions and external environment, and to apply business tools and analyses that inform HR initiatives and operations consistent with the overall strategic direction of the organization.

Sessions in this track could include: Business terms and concepts, demonstrating HR ROI, analyzing and interpreting business documents (e.g., balance sheets, budgets, cash flow statements, profit and loss statements); elements of a business case; business intelligence techniques and tools; financial analysis and methods for assessing business health.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work with organizational stakeholders in evaluating business challenges and identifying opportunities for the design, implementation and evaluation of change initiatives, and to build ongoing support for HR solutions that meet the changing needs of customers and the business.

Sessions in this track could include: Organizational change management theories and models, consulting processes and models, including the contributions of consulting to organizational systems and processes, effective consulting techniques (e.g., understanding organizational culture, understanding areas and limits of one’s own expertise, setting reasonable expectations, avoiding overpromising), key components of successful client interactions (e.g., listening, empathy, communication, follow-up), methods for design and delivery of HR service functions and processes (e.g., issue tracking, client service).


Global & Cultural Effectiveness
The ability to value and to consider the perspectives and backgrounds of all parties, to interact with others in a global context, and to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Sessions in this track could include: techniques for bridging individual differences, best practices for managing globally diverse workforces; diversity and inclusion; global issues and strategies, designing policies and practices to ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Leadership and Navigation
The ability to navigate the organization and accomplish HR goals, create a compelling vision and mission for HR that aligns with the strategic direction and culture of the organization, lead and promote organizational change, manage the implementation and execution of HR initiatives, and promote the role of HR as a key business partner (influence).

Sessions in this track could include: Leadership theories, people management techniques, motivation theories, influence and persuasion techniques, emotional intelligence.

The ability to effectively craft and deliver concise and informative communications, to listen to and address the concerns of others, and to transfer and translate information from one level or unit of the organization to another.

Sessions in this track could include: communication techniques, delivering messages, listening skills, facilitating meetings/focus groups, presentations, media communications.

Critical Evaluation
The ability to interpret information so that you can make sound business decisions and recommendations. Skills include being a data advocate, data gathering, data analysis and evidence-based decision-making.

Sessions in this track could include: HRIS and data management; how to use data to make data-driven decisions; environmental scans; process improvement; metrics; setting priorities and time management; interpreting survey data; analyzing risk to propose human capital solutions.

Ethical Practice
The ability to maintain high levels of professional integrity and to act as an ethical agent who promotes core values, integrity and accountability throughout the organization.
Sessions in this track could include: confidentiality and conflicts of interest; codes of conduct, employee advocacy; accountability; minimizing organizational risk from unethical practice; making difficult decisions.


  • Speaker presentations are not to be used to market or sell services, products, or companies.
  • Sessions run concurrently for one hour. If your proposal is selected for a Mega Session at the Delaware SHRM State Conference, the duration is ninety minutes.
  • Proposals must be submitted using the online proposal form and may include additional documents such as a video clip or link as well as supporting document such as PowerPoint presentation, outline, attendee feedback or other file.
  • Delaware SHRM has a tradition of utilizing educational conference sessions as a platform for innovation in the field of human resource management. We look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking and sharing knowledge with our profession.
  • Travel reimbursement will be made only if you travel more than 400 miles round trip from your home or office. Reimbursement will be made for applicable tolls and at the current IRS rate for mileage, and will be for all miles traveled over the 200 miles one way or 400 miles round trip. Speakers meeting the travel reimbursement guidelines are provided one complimentary night at Dover Down’s Hotel and Casino. Airfare is not reimbursed. Co-presenters do not have any travel expenses reimbursed, nor are they eligible for the complimentary hotel stay.
Conference Submission Deadline: March 31, 2021
Contact Us: info@deshrm.org  


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