Digital Communication & Distribution Policy
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Delaware SHRM takes great pride in being a central resource for the promotion and education of our local Human Resource profession.  Recognizing the growing demand for digital distribution which connects our members with varied resources for professional development and enhancement, Delaware SHRM now offers several channels for communicating with our membership through digital distribution. 

The  requesting organization is responsible for developing the content, which must be approved by the President and Past President. If there are questions or concerns regarding the content, the President will forward the proposal to the President Elect for review, feedback, and approval. Once approved, the Chapter Administrator will insert the approved content inside the appropriate template. All content must be submitted for approval on the electronic request form. By requesting DE SHRM to post or send digital communication on its behalf, the  requesting organization agrees to indemnify DE SHRM against any and all liability and expenses which DE SHRM may incur as a result of claims made against DE SHRM based upon the fact that such e-mail violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third parties. DESHRM reserves the right to audit any program and may also request recognition at the promoted event.

It must be clear that the e-mail is being sent by DE SHRM on behalf of the requesting organization. The language contained in the e-blast must be clearly stated and must NOT create confusion on behalf of the recipient as to who is authoring the e-blast.

An e-blast may not promote a membership or product in direct competition with SHRM membership or a SHRM product under any circumstances.  Furthermore, the following guidelines must be adhered to with regard to any digital communication:

  • May not promote memberships in non-SHRM affiliated HR associations.
  • May not promote a certification preparation process using a product other than the SHRM Learning System as the basis for the process.
  • Promotion of an event may not occur within 30 days of a DE SHRM annual event or 7 days of a regular monthly program
  • May not sell any product or service
  • All non-HCRI and SHRM Certification approved programs will go to the President for approval
  • The e-blast may not include attachments. Hyperlinks within the text directing the reader to the Chapter’s web site are allowed and encouraged.
  • Links to sites other than the DE SHRM Chapter are permitted.
  • The e-mail must close with a point of contact and a telephone number for questions or further information.


A five business-day lead time is required for all e-blast requests.



Please use the request form found on the following page.  Requests may only made on behalf of DE SHRM members in good standing and will only be distributed to SHRM members within the DE SHRM Chapter and/or DE SHRM at-large members in the Chapter’s specified zip code range. 


DE SHRM has established an online calendar to house the many programs and events offered in our Chapter area, to promote opportunities for professional development and enhancement in the human resources field.  If you would like your event posted for anyone to view, please make a request referencing “digital calendar” on the form below.


For companies who would like to provide digital communication directly to our members, DE SHRM offers a digital sponsorship which is limited to one promotion per quarter, for $350.  Content must adhere to all guidelines and will be distributed by the Chapter Administrator on the requesting organization’s behalf.  Digital sponsorships are only available on a first-come, first-serve basis, as long as the content meets all the requirements, with preference given to content which already has HCRI approval.  Please complete the request form, referencing digital sponsorship, below.


Program speakers at monthly DE SHRM meetings have been vetted and already received SHRM Certification or HCRI approval; therefore, speakers may be granted a single digital distribution within the 12 months following their program, subject to the digital communication guidelines stated herein.  Please complete the request form, referencing “DE SHRM speaker,” below.


DE SHRM reserves the right to refuse or limit any request for any information at any time and without prior notice or explanation. DE SHRM further reserves the right to limit, edit or otherwise alter any information that is being provided in connection with any request.

Link to  Digital Communication and Distribution Request Form



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