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Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteer Opportunities




Junior Achievement, located in Wilmington, is looking for volunteers throughout the year to mentor young children and young adults for the preparation of entering into the work world and into adult life.  There is a lot that the younger generation should learn in life skills that they are not taught in school. 


These young men and ladies learn algebra, geometry, biology; however, they do not learn how to apply for a mortgage, how to complete a job application, what expenditures do you need when living on your own, what bills will you be faced with, what is compound interest on a credit card, what is an interest rate etc.  The best way to achieve this is through knowledge and the skills of adults who have this knowledge and also do mock scenarios where they can experience a day in a life as an adult and what it means to start adulting.


Junior Achievement is in need of many volunteers throughout the year for different opportunities JA has to offer for these young children and adults.  JA needs assistance with JA BizTown and Finance Park.  Please see two events noted below that they have asked DESHRM to be a part of.  Please read below the need for volunteers and if you have the time, please contact me via email or phone at or 302.598.4389.


JA BizTown allows volunteers the opportunity to coach a small group of 4th – 6th grade students as they navigate the responsibilities of a working adult and run a small town.  Volunteers are trained the day of, before students arrive at the JA Campus which is located at 522 South Walnut Street Wilmington DE. 


Finance Park allows volunteers the opportunity to mentor a small group of 7th – 12th grade students as they pretend to be adults and manage a personal budget.  Volunteers are trained the day of, before the students arrive also at the JA Campus.


JA BizTown & JA Finance Park always need volunteers, we will get you an updated   list.

  Thank you to the volunteers who responded to the volunteer plea.  DE SHRM Chapter asked and you came through to help with the events listed below.



  • One to two volunteers are needed to judge Job Seeking Skills at the HOSA State Competition on March 26th from 8:30 – 12:00 at the US Star Compass.


  • April 20: Pilot event “Reverse Career Fair” – request HR representatives from various companies to view student displays highlighting their abilities and then choose three students to meet with and learn more about. (mock interview style) Would like 10 companies represented. All students are in the Delaware Autistic Program transitioning into the workplace.  8:30 – 12:00 This is our first dabble at this type of event, we’d appreciate help with planning if you know anyone familiar with career fairs.


I look forward to hearing from many of you to help out our new generations and passing on our wisdom to them. 


Thank you in advance for your volunteer time, it will mean so much to these children and young adults, you will make a difference, even if it is just for one person at the end of the day.



Kim McColgan

Vice President


Phone:   302.656.6100



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